Tantrum Doughnuts

I've never been a great lover of doughnuts -if I'm looking for a treat they wouldn't be at the top of my list. When Krispie Kreme showed up in Glasgow I tried them out, but they were so sweet I could feel the enamel on my teeth dissolving. After hearing anyone who has ever been to Canada rave about Tim Horton's, I tried them out too, but they were really nothing to be excited about.

Enter: Tantrum Doughnuts (for the purposes of this opening I'm ignoring the fact that they were here before Tim Horton's). Tantrum is the project of Iain Baille, previously of Ox and Finch, and his wife Annika. Ox an Finch is a firm Glasgow favourite ("Ah, the good old Oxy" - our taxi driver once) and if you've ever been to Ox and Finch, you'll understand why anyone associated with it opening somewhere new was so exciting.

Tantrum serves two kinds of doughnuts, old fashioned and brioche dough. The old fashioned doughnuts have a denser, more cake-y texture. On occasion I've found these to be slightly too dry, but in certain flavours it works really well - I'm thinking of the carrot cake in particular. The brioche doughnuts are much lighter in texture, and are my favourite. Their motto is "made by people, not by machines", and this level of care, effort, and time is what makes these doughnuts special.

If you're hitting Tantrum Doughnuts, you can go for a classic jam filled, but where they really shine is in flavours you might not expect in a doughnut. Think pistachio and hibiscus, salted honey, or tonka bean and orange oil. Tantrum best seller (and one I never leave without) is the crème brûlée. It's filled with a delicious light, silky vanilla custard, and topped with brûléed sugar that gives a great contrasting crunch. Another of my favourites is the chocolate tahini. Tahini is one of my favourite ingredients, and in this doughnut it gives a rich depth to the chocolate crémeux.

Something else Tantrum do really well is having fun with seasonal specials. They've covered Halloween (pumpkin pie, matcha green tea or charcoal chocolate brownie flavour), Christmas (including buttered rum, mince pie, or chocolate orange), valentines day (sour cherry cheesecake or gin and tonic), and Easter (hot crossed bun or creme egg). They sometimes have a spontaneous special flavour appear as well - I remember one with dulce de leche and cornflakes, and the espresso martini flavour.... YUM. The espresso one had coffee custard spiked with Kahlua and vodka, and it was so good - I would go out of my way to get one if they reappear at some point.

They also do great coffee, hot chocolate, butterbeer (oh yeah, butterbeer), and slushies. Both shops have some seating, but it's a perfect place to call in and take away if you're after a treat that's a little bit different and a little bit special.

Tantrum Doughnuts can be found at 27 Old Dumbarton Road in the west end, or 28 Gordon Street in the city centre. They are also dog friendly!