Five reasons you should be shopping at Lupe Pintos

Updated: May 30, 2018

Last week I called in Lupe Pintos on Great Western Road to stock up on some of my favourite supplies. I mentioned my visit to some Glasgow based friends, who didn't know about the store. It's such a great business, and somewhere I've been shopping for years, so I thought I'd share some of the reasons I love it .


One thing I always stock up on here is the wraps. If you've always been buying wraps from the supermarket, you're missing out. Whenever I've been having wraps from the supermarket, it's really just a vehicle for carrying delicious food to my face... But the wraps from Lupe's are actually tasty! The come in various sizes, and you can also get corn tortilla, and both the flour and corn tortillas are great if you toast them slightly over an open flame on the hob. You can also freeze them if the pack is too many for you.

Hot sauce

There is a pretty serious selection of hot sauce available at Lupe Pintos, this photo really doesn't do it justice. Ranging from reasonably mild for the weak amongst us, to this-will-probably-kill-you hot. Including some very amusingly named brands, this is definitely my husband's favourite thing about this store.


Another thing that, like the wraps, is just so much better than what you're used to. You

know the pool of oil you get when you cook chorizo? You just don't get that with this stuff. Available in spicy or mild, this much more flavourful and much less fatty than you get at the supermarket.


Lupe Pintos has a impressive selection of top quality tequila and mezcal. Look out for their semi-regular tequila tastings - an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon (but maybe don't plan on driving home afterwards...)

Supporting a small local business

One of the best things about shopping at Lupe Pintos, aside from all the fantastic food and drink you'll bring home, is that you're supporting a small local business. Now, I may be biased here, but I think this is really important. You'll make a real difference by supporting local people who are passionate about the products and services they provide. If we don't want to see more and more of these independent businesses disappear, we need to vote with our wallets.

Bonus - Chilli cook off

OK, I'm sneaking in a bonus point here (I haven't just forgotten how to count to 5). The CHILLI COOK-OFF. Pretty self explanatory, really. The chilli cook-off has run for the last 7 years in Glasgow. Restaurants around the shop like Crossing the Rubicon, The Left Bank and Dram (2017's top three) serve up their own version the dish. You can buy tickets, and spend the day eating chilli, and then vote to help decide who get the honour of first place!

I hope this has made you as hungry as it's made me - see you in the shop....

You can find Lupe Pintos at 313 Great Western Road, Glasgow and 24 Leven Street, Edinburgh.